Friends of Buchan Caves


  • March 15 – 16 : Buchan, working bee and Annual General Meeting (for 2007)
  • August 16 – 17 : Buchan, working bee
  • November 29 – 30 : Buchan, working bee and Annual General Meeting

Volunteers will be treated to a free barbeque held at 6PM on the Saturday of each working bee weekend, at Homeleigh. Meat and salads provided; bring your own drinks. Please let someone on the committee know if you are coming so that adequate catering arrangements can be made.

2008 Letters to members

Letter posted to members, 16th June 2008



G’day Friends

The AGM was held finally on the weekend of 16th and 17th March. Al1 committee members were present so no unexpected disasters occurred.

Those present at the meeting were: Glenn, Erica and Paige Baddeley. Jim & Rose Tulk, Alex Jack, Daryl Carr, Peter Robertson, Lloyd Mill, Cathie Cranston, Lynne Amore, Lou Williams, Peter Freeman, Meily and Brett.

Your committee back on the job.

Apologies received from: Nick & Sue White. Rocky & Miles Pearce. Margaret James.

At the moment we have $7,670.28 in the bank. We have abut $2,000 in A/Cs to pay.

Glenn Baddely has been the Parks Victoria Liaison Representative for FOBC for a very long time. He has now resigned from this position due to his work and other personal commitments. We would like to thank Glenn very much for every thing he has done above and beyond the call of duty.

Our new Parks Victors Liaison Representative is Peter Robertson. We congratulate Peter on taking on this task and hope he finds this new position rewarding.

Concealing wiring in Federal Cave.

We floated some ideas few future projects which will keep us very busy for a few years

We will apply for another $10,000 grant, with a parallel grant.

Federal Cave will continue to be improved with the entrance getting a face lift. There will be an interpretation sign erected with a full explanation about the cave complete with photos. Prefabricated shelters will be put up so that the public can sit and wait in comfort before their tour of the cave. Some vegetation can be planted like a climbing vine similar to the one over the top of Royal cave; I think this would be very effective.

We can apply for a grant to purchase and erect stainless steel barriers in both Royal and Fairy Caves.

Peter Robertson suggested we do something about Moon Cave. Perhaps do an interpretation sign complete with photos. Install some solar power lights with a soft gentle reflection illuminating the cliff and big arch leading up to the entrance.

Lou Williams has asked if we can do a clean up and dispose of the old north fence at the potholes. This can be done when it is a bit cooler weather, hopefully at our August working bee.

Another Suggestion has been about the regeneration of trees in the east west block of the potholes. We can apply for a minor grant to help with this one, as it involves getting a contractor to come in and do the holes. All we would have to do is plant the trees and do some tech work.

Results of Our Working Bee

Federal Cave – All the track lighting has now been completed. Just a few teething problems, with some diodes to sort out now. Adjustments to feature lighting. Peter and Daryl will then just try some different experiments on improving the feature lighting. It is looking great at the moment as you will see by the photos at the end of the news letter. It will also show how hard our members work during a working bee.

Fairy Cave – A walk through was done. There was not much rubbish to remove. There was abut $180 collected from the donation tube. It is looking great as usual.

Royal Cave – A walk through was done. This cave was very well respected by the public as there was virtually no rubbish at all to pick up, this was a pleasant surprise. This is my favorite cave as the lighting shows the most spectacular formations, even I seen things that I missed the last time. A big thank you, to all who have worked hard. I am sure the people coming through the cave appreciate it as well.


August 16th & 17th – Working bee

The end of year working been combined with the AGM – 29th & 30th November

So put the dates in your diary.

Regards your committee and Secretary

Rose Tulk

If you would like to know any thing else contact me on

The path safety lighting in full operation in Federal Cave.

Letter posted to members, 7th February 2008



G’Day Friends

Well sometimes AGM’s do not go according to plan. Our scheduled AGM in November started off well but finally failed during transit to Buchan. First our Secretary had to withdraw on grounds of infirmary, well the minutes etc were picked up so no worries our AGM will still be. held. Then enroute to Buchan the President was stricken with Montizuma’s curse and you name it. The AGM was still possible at this stage, until a mobile phone call was received outside the Rosedale chemist, you guessed it, the Vice President was called overseas at very short notice, so the VP and Treasurer were also unable to attend. The working bee went ahead as scheduled even if the AGM didn’t.

Results of Working Bee

There was a great turn up of friends for the working bee which took place in Federal Cave. There were around 27 more track lights installed, and repaired the LED lights that had failed. Apparently we had received a faulty batch of LEDs from the supplier, which means a lot of extra work and time for Peter rebuilding the lighting units and FOBC changing the faulty ones. There was repairs and re-housing of the halogen display lights done. Don’t despair in actual fact the system is working brilliantly, now with the increased track lighting the cave passages are gently outlined and it’s possible, but not yet recommended, to walk through Federal without headlights.

A “SUN” meter i.e. a solar panel volt meter was installed at the Federal entry. This meter is a valuable guide to the power available in the cave and being delivered by the solar panel. This will also be a point of interest for the cave visitors.

As FOBC teams were installing the track lights, followed by a team tidying the wiring and light areas. Where the tidy up team has finished, the track lights just sprout out beside the track with no sign of the wiring or fixtures. It will be fabulous when this is the case throughout the cave.

Parks are very happy with the outcome in Federal to date; FOBC has spent close to $30K on the project. The majority was raised by grants through the Friends organization with help from Parks.

The donation boards in Royal and Federal cave were renovated with new photos and information. These boards were have been having problems with moisture penetrating the lamination on the photo’s, turning them into smudgy ghosts of the real thing. Hoping to overcome this problem the new photos and information were printed on photo paper, left to dry for 24 hours, then spray sealed with clear electronic circuit board varnish, then left to dry again, then double laminated and installed on the boards and held on by Velcro to make changing information easier – will it all work? Hope so.

To allow Federal to be used for tours over the Christmas New year period a few Friends stayed on to continue work. One experiment in lighting was to arrange a display sensor to light the way out of the cave thus giving a different aspect. This worked well and is something investigate further. By estimate we need only another 3 track lights to complete the installation. But still lots of detail and tidy up work needed to be done.


Come along and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the Federal cave project maturing and approaching completion. Please contact Erica Baddeley H 9808 7248 by Wednesday the 12th March for catering purposes.

Accommodation: Camping in caves reserve is free. Normal rates apply at Homeleigh. Free accommodation at Caves House is available for this working bee. Prior bookings are necessary, Erica Baddeley H 9808 7248 by Wednesday the 12th March.

Projected work for March Working Bee

Tidy up the track light wiring

Install more feature lighting

Work on the problem of head clearance lights/warnings

Check on the donation boards/Empty the Royal and Fairy donation

Check the condition of the Potholes and Wilsons Interpretation signs

Free BBQ on the Saturday night – BYOG

Regards your committee



WHEN – Weekend of 15th and 16th March 2008

WHERE – Homeleigh, Buchan. AGM meeting starting at 7-30pm on 15th March.

BBQ – YES – Commencing at 6pm. BYO drinks. Food provided.

WORKING BEE – this weekend.

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