Friends of Buchan Caves


  • May 17 – 18 : Buchan, working bee in Federal Cave
  • September 27 – 28 : Buchan, working bee
  • December 6 – 7 : Buchan, working bee and Annual General Meeting

Volunteers will be treated to a free barbeque held at 6PM on the Saturday of each working bee weekend, at the Guides’ Hut in the main Caves Reserve. Meat and salads provided; bring your own drinks. Please let someone on the committee know if you are coming so that adequate catering arrangements can be made.

2003 Letters to members

Letter posted to members, 20th April 2003

G’Day Friends

Our 11th annual AGM was held on the 7th of December 2002. The new committee are

President               Daryl Carr                  Ph H 94571720
Vice President          Karen Perkins               Ph H 51559402
Secretary               Erica Baddeley              Ph H 98087248
Treasurer & Membership  Lynne Lacota                PO Box 165 Stratford Vic 3862
Newsletter              Daryl Carr & Roger Taylor   Ph H 94571720
Parks Liaison           Glenn Baddeley              Ph H 98087248

Works Schedule 2003

Book these dates into your diary now
May the 17 & 18, September 27 & 28, December 6 & 7

Federal cave restoration and experimental lighting is shaping up as a continuing project for the Friends of Buchan Caves. Do we have some Friends who would like to take on a coordinating role with the work being undertaken in Federal cave? contact Glenn or Erica.

Program for work on May 17 & 18th

Federal Cave – Calcite restoration on the area of rather impressive flowstone and stals near the bottom of the stairs.

Federal Cave – Replacement of hand rails in parts of Federal cave.

External works Federal cave – Trenching of low voltage power cable between the Caves administration office and the Federal cave entry.

Free Friends BBQ Saturday evening, BYO drinks.

Book your place on this working bee by calling Erica on 98087248 by Wednesday 14th of May.

Work to be programmed for the next 2 working bees

Continuing restoration and repair work in Federal Cave.

Renewal of the Friends donation boards in Fairy & Royal caves.


The Government has called back all grants to external organizations, eg Friends groups working with the DSE. This has resulted in the suspension of the installation of interpretation signs at the potholes. However the Friends of Buchan Caves will finalise the wording of the interpretation signs so we are ready to go when the grants are reinstated.

The Friends of Buchan Caves must be one of the least expensive groups to belong to. Just $2.00 per individual or $5.00 per Family for membership. To keep our contact list current please send your membership fee and contact details to our Treasurer or pay at the next Working Bee.


Letter posted to members, 14th September 2003

G’day Friends

Its that time again – we have a working bee on the 27th & 28th of September – that’s soon. The working bee will continue the Federal cave project.

Free BBQ but BYO drinks Saturday evening.

If you plan on attending this working bee, contact Daryl by September 24th.

Now thinking of the work to be carried on in Federal cave, the Friends need, well I hate to use this term, but we need Team Leaders for the following:

  • Planning and coordination of calcite restoration.
  • Planning and installation of a proof of concept re the low energy lighting technology in Federal cave.
  • Research and cave exploration and survey on the possibility of locating a 2nd entry to Federal.

Think about the opportunities that the Friends have to help restore Federal cave. If you are interested in being a Team Leader Contact Daryl on 9457 1720.

The Friends also have projects other than Federal cave. To achieve adequate progress with these p ‘ects we need more old and new Friends to show an interest. Turn up at foi this working bee to find out how you can become involved, or contact Daryl, Glenn or Erica.

Cheers Your Committee

Letter posted to members, 13th November 2003



Location: AGM at the Guides Room Buchan Caves Reserve

Free BBQ commences at 6pm Saturday evening, BYO drinks

AGM Commences 8pm


  • Minutes of the AGM 2002
  • Review of the finances
  • Review of the previous years projects
  • Continuing and Future projects
  • Election of Committee

Please contact Erica Baddeley H 03 9808 7248 by Wed. 3rd if you are attending.

Report on Friends working bee September 27th and 28th

On site discussions with Dale Cainin on the location and lighting performance necessary for the proof of concept on the low voltage lighting in Federal Cave.

Some repairs were carded out on the existing low voltage lighting. Installed the mk2 battery charging and light control unit. The mk2 unit is used for the area in the proof of concept low voltage lighting. We tested the suitability of several samples of the latest available in LED light units. The level of light produced by two of the new LED light units was considered to be satisfactory for the purposes of path lighting. The new 5-watt LED light unit also performed well as a feature light.

We plan to install 9 track light units, 4 low roof clearance lights and 3 feature lights at or before the next friends working bee December 6b and 7th.

A preliminary cheek of the possibility of locating another exit / entry, to Federal cave was undertaken. A surface survey from the Federal Cave tag to B80 was completed. A cursory cheek was undertaken in both Federal and B80 Caves for any obvious leads. Paul Brooker is the Team Leader on the Federal 2nd entry / exit project.

The donation stations in Royal and Fairy Caves were repaired, and revised contact lists for the Friends were left with Karen to replace the existing ones on the collection boards.

The Friends enjoyed a free roast dinner at Homeleigh on Saturday evening.

That’s about it! A fair bit of research and faultfinding took place, but all in all an enjoyable and moderately productive working bee

See you at the AGM. Regards your Committee members.